Quest: Background

For the successful completion of this Quest, you will be awarded the “Background Acquired” badge, and a total of 5XP.
Quest Admin: Chris

This is a quick and easy Quest to complete. It’s not possible to plan a trip unless you have some idea of where you’re going. Odds are good that one of the things that brought you to this site is frustration and dissatisfaction. There are so many things wrong with the world as it exists today, and well-intentioned or not, most of the solutions being proposed to them aren’t doing much to move the needle.

Together, we can start changing that. It won’t be quick or easy, but it will be a lot of fun. We’re going to show the world the power of the game that can “change stuff” in the real world, and you can be a part of that process if you want to.

It starts here. Just watch the video associated with this Quest, and make some observations afterward about one thing you can do in your local community that could begin to make a difference. Choose your answer carefully, because all of these are reviewed, and we select the best ones to become the basis of new Quests.

Quest Content

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