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You landed on this page because you clicked the “Directory” top line Nav Menu item. Below, you’ll find quick links to the various informational directories used as shortcuts for navigating the site. Note that you don’t have to click on the “Directory” option on the top line menu. If you simply hover over it, a drop down menu will appear, which also contains these menu options. Clicking on any of the items in the drop down will also take you to any of the locations referenced below.



A listing of the most recent activity on the site, updated in real time. Consider this to be a site-wide Wall and Newsfeed, all rolled into one.


This is a directory listing of every top level (Holon Level) group in the game, as well as the various administrative groups. Groups are “nested,” and any group with a “+” sign next to it has groups beneath it. Click the “+” sign to expand the tree and see that group’s subordinate groups.


This is a listing of all of the members of the site. From here, you can search on members, and see everyone’s profile rating. This rating system is an important component of Play the Planet’s economic model. As such, getting and maintaining a high ranking really matters!