Here, you’ll find helpful, handy reference materials that help define and detail the theoretical underpinnings of the site. Note that the information here is the same information necessary to complete the “Deep Dive” Quest. Digesting this material will help give you a better understanding of exactly what it is we’re ultimately trying to achieve.

Glossary of Common Play the Planet Terms

Gc – A Ghost ‘net Credit (Gc) is equal to one hour of time & basic labor, currently valued at $15USD

Holon – In the US, a Holon is equal to a county. In other parts of the world (and indeed, in some parts of the US, they may be called something slightly different, but wherever you are, use the nearest equivalent. If you live in an area with no equivalent, default to a one hundred mile radius, extending out from the largest population center in a given region. This is the “basic unit of measure” in the game. An area large enough to gain self-sufficiency.

Quest – This is the primary means by which XP is earned in the game. Quests are designed as real world actions that help “move the needle” in your community and over time, begin making significant improvements.

What The World Wants

This brilliant essay was originally written by the folks of Buckminster Fuller’s “World Game Institute.” Sadly, that initiative is no more, but I managed to preserve a copy of the work here, for our reference as many of our goals are in alignment.

Structural and Mechanical Underpinnings

A collection of essays written about Play the Planet during its formative stages. These will give you a much clearer understanding of the thinking BEHIND the game and its core concepts.

Part One: What Is This Play The Planet Business, Anyway?
Part Two: Who The Hell Is This Guy, And Why Do We Care?
Part Three: Interlocking Cogs – PtP’s Nuts & Bolts
Part Four: Deeper Implications
Part Five: The Long-Term Unemployment Problem
Part Six: Facts On The Ground: Building The First Holon
Part Seven: Baking Your Noodle – Perks, Power-Ups, Spells & Magic Items In The Real World?
Part Eight: How PtP Can Reform The Political System

Additional Explanation

Different people learn differently, so here are a couple of additional short videos I made…

VIDEO 1 (Runtime: 5:19) – The “How We Can Help” video designed for members of Non-Profit organizations.

VIDEO 2 (Runtime: 3:05) – A Short, emotionally stirring reminder about how important this work is…

Game Mythology

And finally, because every game needs a “Mythology” to help put the story in some kind of context, here’s ours! (this post gets updated as our story continues to unfold!