eBook: Production

Production is primarily about two things FabLabs and housing. FabLabs are microfactories of networked equipment (laser cutters, CNC mills, 3d printers, etc) that can make almost anything you can imagine. Modeled after the MIT design (Gershenfelds course How to Make (almost!) Anything they are the future of (decentralized) manufacturing.

Housing is, of course, a key component of the Network, and our goal is to investigate low-cost housing options for our members so that EVERYONE has a shot at home ownership. There are other components, of course, but the initial thrust of this section will be focused on those two areas.

Blueprint Reading – Construction Drawings for the Building Trade

Shipping Containers & Their Uses In Construction
Container Buildings, 1st Edition
Container Buildings, 2nd Edition
Container Buildings, 3rd Edition
Fermi Stress Test
Catalog of Military Habitats (JOCOTAS)
Military Handbook (Inspection Guide)

eBook: Energy

The energy section is all about providing information to Network members to help them gain a measure of energy independence. While food security is important, its only one part of a larger puzzle. Another big piece of it is gaining at least a measure of energy security. If you can produce all the energy you need (and then some), thats one less monthly bill you have to pay, and a greater sense of freedom and independence. Thats what this section is all about.



Solar-Panel-Blueprint (zip file containing a series of graphics & instructions)


eBook: Transport

Just as the human body is kept alive by way of a healthy network of veins and arteries transporting blood to every nook and cranny, so to is it the case with human societies. The transport of people and things to the places theyre most needed is an absolutely essential component. Theres nothing here for the time being, but there will be in time. For now, consider this to be a placeholder for things to come


eBook: Social

This category will eventually be fairly expansive, but most of this material, well have to design ourselves on the basis of our evolving experiment. Theres very little in the way of guideposts for the direction were heading in, but there are a few existing resources we can draw from. As I find more, Ill add them here. As I write more of the material myself, and with much help from the Network as it expands, itll also go here.

Food Sharing (2014)
The Blueprint of E-Democracy

eBook: Commerce

This section deals with the economic underpinnings, not only of the Play the Planet Network, but also the more complex interactions of our efforts with the dollar economy, which this system is designed to be a companion for. Far from being a threat to the existing order (though we will surely be seen as such by certain elements from within that larger structure), the true purpose of the network is to exist in harmony with it, primarily by strengthening each and every local community (Holon) we operate in.

Advanced (Grocery) Savings Strategies v1
Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half v2
Declaration of Independents

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